How to save money by joining this Facebook Group

How to save money by joining this Facebook Group SHOP with The Well Prepared Mom

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Want to know how to save money on family expenses from the comfort of your own home? If you’re on Facebook, I might have a solution for you!

When it comes to purchasing items for my family, I’ve always been a planner. If I see a mega sale on toilet paper, you can bet I’m going to purchase a decent amount. If were to ask me when I last bought paper towels…it’s possible I’d tell you “about 2 years ago.” I’m not even kidding! Now, we don’t use paper towels a lot, but, I happened to catch a fabulous sale and stocked up!

Finding deals and saving money has always been a talent of mine. I love the thrill of finding a great deal and am known as “the” friend to go ask how to save money on various purchases. If I have a gift to purchase or need to buy something for my family, you can bet I’m not paying full price for it.

“Yes, that sounds great, Elizabeth, but how the heck is this helping me learn how to save money?!”

I’m glad you asked! (Oh my goodness, I feel like I’m in a a bad infomercial right about now.)

In addition to publishing this website and homeschooling, I have a Facebook Group where I post deals I find online!

Anyways, Monday through Saturday, I share deals and special offers in the SHOP with The Well Prepared Mom Facebook Group. Deals are typically posted Monday through Friday from 10am – 10pm est and on Saturday from 10am – 5pm est. On Sunday, we have “Ketchup Day” where I’ll post a few super awesome offers in the morning and then group members are encouraged to catch up on any offers they may have missed over the past few days (that are still valid) and spend quality time with their family.

Special offers range from home items to beauty items to toys and activities for the kids to (my personal favorite) funny graphic tees. The variety of items vary from day to day, but, everything I post is something that could be beneficial to a family.

Not only do I think the group is pretty awesome, but so do the group members!

Quite possibly my favorite part about this shopping group? I mean, aside from the group members finding out how to save money on a variety of items for their entire family?

The community.

We’ve got a really great group of friendly people in that group! We’re there to joke around with each other, tag each other when we find deals that we think could benefit another, and offer advice and feedback on a variety of topics.

The shopping group is such a happy place to be and we’d love to have you come hang out with us. Feel free to invite your friends in to join us, too, because…the more, the merrier! And, really…can’t we all use all the help we can when it comes to saving money on purchases?

If you’d like to come join us, just click here to go directly to the Facebook Group! From there, you’ll be asked to answer three membership questions. No stress, they’re not difficult questions, but they’re there to make sure you are an actual person (and not a spambot) and that you actually WANT to be in the group. We’re 100% not for spam, so, if you don’t want to be in the group, that’s totally cool, too!

I’d love to help you figure out how to save money in the shopping group and hope that we’ll see in over there soon!

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