The Target Car Seat Trade In Event is Back!

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Have you been holding onto an old car seat the Target Car Seat Trade In Event? Well, go get it because the Target Car Seat Trade In event is coming back!

Whether your car seat is out of date or you no longer need it, the Target Car Seat Trade In event is loved by so many parents as a way to responsibly get rid of seats that are no longer needed and, in return, receive a coupon for an item that is needed! Not a bad deal, right?

The Details for the Target Car Seat Trade In…

Between Sunday, September 13, 2020 and Saturday, September 26, 2020, bring your car seat or base in to your local Target. When you enter the store, you’ll see a box specifically for the car seat trade in. Put your car seat or base inside the box, then, open your Target App and scan the code on the box.

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After you’ve scanned the code on the box, you’ll want to check the “wallet” section of your Target App. When you click on the “extra offers” option, you should see an offer to save 20% off the purchase of one new car seat, stroller, or select baby gear item. Sweet!

To use the coupon, just select the coupon and place your order online or scan it at the register when you make your purchase in store.

The 20% off coupon will work for select items in the following baby gear items:
  • infant car seats
  • convertible car seats
  • booster car seats
  • car seat bases
  • travel systems
  • lightweight strollers
  • full-size strollers
  • jogging strollers
  • double, triple, and quad strollers
  • car seat carriers
  • highchairs and boosters
  • playards
  • bouncers and rockers
  • swings

Now, just to confirm, Target will give you ONE 20% off coupon per Target account whether you recycle 1 car seat with them or 20 of them. Individual stores may somehow make exceptions, but I wouldn’t count on it. If you need more than one 20% off coupon, you may consider asking friends and family to recycle a car seat for you. Then, once they get the coupon, you could try using the coupon or code yourself. Absolutely no guarantees that will work, but could be worth a shot if you’re in need.

In addition, it is my understanding that a 20% off coupon will be given when either an infant car seat, a car seat base, or a convertible car seat is recycled. Booster seats will not qualify for the 20% coupon, but, as mentioned above, individual stores may make exceptions. If you have a booster seat to recycle, I would call your specific store beforehand to confirm eligibility.

While you’re at it, you might as well make sure that the car seat your child is, or will be, using is the correct seat for them! Check out these car seat safety tips for all sorts of car seat information from state regulations, car seat specifications, and where to get your car seat inspected and installed near you.

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