Why I Signed up with Usborne Books & More

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I’ve been a part of a fair number of direct sales businesses. I’ve done well with some, but not with others. What makes Usborne Books & More different? Why did I decide to take a chance and decide to represent another business? After thinking about joining Usborne Books & More for a few months, I finally decided to take the plunge and give it a shot and now I’m happy to be sharing the reasons I decided to sign up.

My Kids Love Books

My boys LOVE the Usborne Books & More Academy Series

They totally do. As a veteran special education teacher and lifelong reader, I have always loved books as well, so I want to do everything in my power to encourage my kids to continue reading and to continue growing their love of reading. When we decided to start homeschooling our kids, I started noticing more and more recommendations to supplement curriculum with specific Usborne Books & More books. The non-fiction reference books seem to be recommended the most, but their activity books were recommended for “brain breaks” and to encourage learning without the kids even realizing they’re learning. Now, I could wait for sales to purchase those books. Or, I could purchase them through parties hosted by friends, but…I love a good deal and, honestly, it just made sense for me to sign up with Usborne Books & More to take advantage of the 25% discount. The savings adds up pretty quickly and I love that I can put that money saved towards something else for the family.

The $25 Starter Kit

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In complete honesty, I have paid WAY more than $25 to start some of my other businesses. In my experience, most of the Direct Sales businesses I joined cost $99 to join, but one cost thousands (I’m sure you can guess which company that was!). For $25, I can take treat my family to a quick drive-through lunch. For $25, I can buy a new eye shadow pallet. For $25, I can buy a new pair of flip flops. What I’m saying is, in the grand scheme of things, $25 is a super reasonable price to take a chance on joining a company. If I experience success, that’s wonderful. If I don’t do well, at least it’s really not *that* much money down the drain. It’s a low risk investment for something that could end up being super beneficial for my family.

I Love Helping People!

I know this seems like a pretty cheesy reason, but, hear me out. I’m generally a pretty positive person and, if I can do something to make the life of a friend better, I’m going to do it. Becoming an Usborne Books & More Consultant allows me to help my clients get their holiday shopping done quickly and easily. It allows me to make recommendations for books their kids are sure to enjoy. When clients host a party, they’re able to get free and discounted books to build their home libraries. I’m all for encouraging literacy and for helping make lives easier. While I do write about Usborne Books & More on this website, I also run a Facebook group for my clients which makes it super easy for my community to get in touch with me.

The Income

Now, I haven’t been with Usborne Books & More (really, about a month in at this point), but I would be lying if I didn’t say I appreciate the income that’s been brought in so far. I like that I can bring in a few extra bucks to use for special family outings, meals out at restaurants, birthday gifts for my kids, and more. If I want to spend every waking moment on my Usborne Books & More business, I can do that (I don’t want to do that). If I just want it to be a part time thing, with a few parties here and there, I can do that (I do want to do that). I’m thankful for a bit of extra income.

If you’re considering starting your own Usborne Books & More business, that’s awesome! I understand that you probably have a bunch of questions. Feel free to send me an email and we can chat!

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